Cedar Creek Fainters

Silky Doe - Fannie of Cedar Creek - Fannie was a found goat that has extreme coat. She is MSFGA foundation registered but does not faint so she is not MGR registered.  Fannie is the best mom on the farm, she will even mother her grand kids. Shes got a great sense of humor and keeps me laughing all the time!!!

Silky Doe - Friendship Farms Emmeline - Emmeline was produced by Friendship Farms, I bought her second hand from Blue Bird Acres, whom also sold me several very beautiful fainting goats. Because of Emmelines beauty and long skirted coat, I had her registered as MSFGA foundation stock. She is a very elegant goat and throws this in her babies as well as beautiful roans and blues.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Dottie - Dottie is a beautiful doe that I am proud to say was produced here. She is very myotonic, friendly and confident. She is producing beautiful long haired kids.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Eve - Eve is a gorgeous small doe produced here. She stands 18 inches at 3 years old. And she produced quadruplets in 2011!! She was a great mom and raised them all herself! She is producing great coat in her kids.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Bonnie - Bonnie is a beautiful small doe with real nice skirting. I love the shape of her horns!

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Lily - Lily is one of my favorites, she is getting an extreme coat and throwing great kids!

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Tuffy - I can look at Tuffy and see her mom, Eve. Same beautiful head shape and extreme
coat coming in. And Tuffy is small sized to boot!!!

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Mercy - Mercy has a unique wavy coat.  She is very small, about 18 inches at 2 years old.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Covergirl - Covergirl is a real looker. Lots of splash and a great looking coat at 14 months. I am anxious to see how she will look at 3 years old.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Misty - I am very happy with this girl, I love the blues and roans and am working to make a
more extreme coat which you do not see often in the blues. My hard work is beginning to pay off in Misty.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Babbs

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Zoey

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Black Russian

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Juliet

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Sassafras

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's B'Dazzled