Silky Buck - Cedar Creek's Blue Beard

Silky Buck - Cedar Creek's Ron Rico - My Sweet Ron Rico, such a sweet heart of a buck! He has amazing blue eyes and is small. Looking forward to blue eyed beauties from this one!

Silky Buck - Cedar Creek's Smokey - Smokey was another beautiful surprise I was blessed with from Mattie. He was one of triplets. His coat is coming in nicely and has sired some beautiful kids.

Silky Buck - Blessed Assurance Spiced Rum - Many thanks to Lisa Riley of Scape Goat Ranch for letting me acquire Rum from her!
I love his pedigree. Rum is a gentle buck with a comical nature. He stands 23 inches at 2 years old. I don't have any baby pics of him but plan to keep his page updated as he finishes maturing. Rum is disbudded.

Silky Buck - Bells Goats Bam Bam - Many thanks for Steve Bell of Bell's Goats in Utah for producing and letting me purchase Bam Bam. Both Bam Bam's sire and dam are permanent Master Champions with extreme coats. Bam Bam is getting more and more extreme as he
matures hes exactly what I wanted!!!  Bam Bam is naturally polled and at 2 years old is 22.5 inches at the withers. He is a very good natured and friendly buck.