Silky Buck - Redneck Acres Five Below - Five Below was so beautiful and a wonderful producer, he gave me lots of gorgeous kids. Unfortuately I lost Five Below to urinary calculi in the summer of 2011. He is greatly missed. Many thanks to Crystal Liles-Geering of Redneck Acres for producing him.

Silky Buck - Cedar Creek's Elvis - Five Below gave me Elvis, who in turn gave me even more beautiful kids to work with in my breeding program. Elvis was alittle too rough with me so I sold him. I do miss him and his beauty! I'm leaving Elvis on here for reference.

Silky Buck - Cedar Creek's Romeo - Emmeline surprised me with two almost solid roan kids on Jan 26, 2012. I named them Romeo and Juliet. Romeo's graying has somewhat faded but he produced some beautiful blue kids as well as some with roaning. Romeo is polled. He stands about 21 inches at 15 months old.

Silky Buck - Bayshore's Rusty Mac - Big Thanks to Frank Baylis of Bayshore Farms in VA for producing this beautiful buck!!! Rusty is throwing all kinds of color in his kids causing me to want to keep them all!!! Rusty was measured at just under 22 inches at 1  years old. His coat is coming in well and has abundant bangs!!!

Silky Doe - SPIRITWOOD RANCH NIK-NAK - Many Thanks to Cheryl Sellin of Spiritwood Ranch for producing this beauty! I rarely call Nik Nak by her registered name, Cheryl told me they affectionately called her Princess Black Bottom, it stuck and I always called her Princess because she actually thinks she is a princess, she is so spoiled!

Silky Doe - Friendship Farms Mattie - Mattie was purchased from Blue Bird Acres, many thanks for them for sharing some of their wonderful long haired fainters with me!!! Mattie was produced by Friendship Farms. She is foundation registered with MSFGA. Mattie is a beautiful blue doe with a sweet feminine face. She is very myotonic and has been a great addition to my herd.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Cupid - Cupid was born on Valentine's Day and earned the name Cupid. She is a friendly doe
with a nice coat and skirting.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Marissa - Marissa hasn't got an extreme coat but she makes up for it with her color. Shes a beautiful chocolate roan.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Katie - Katie is a sweet and feminine doe. She is very myotonic.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Boopsy - Boopsy is a real sweet and comical girl. I think she gets it from her grandma, Fannie!
Her ears are a bit crinkled on the ends from frost bite but it just adds to her

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Cinnamon - Cinnamon is another interesting looking roan. She does lack in coat but she's got another year, we'll see.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Max Factor - Mabeline out did herself when she produced Max Factor and her sister, Covergirl. Both are all splashed up with color and are going to be alot more extreme than Mabeline is.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Lola - Lola is an elegant polled beauty. She is developing enough silky coat to be registered foundation with the MSFGA. Hooray for Lola!!!

Silky Doe - Walnut Grove Farms Lacy - Lacy was produced by Walnut Grove Farms but came to me from Rebecca Gretebeck at All Season's Farm in WI.  Lacy has  great bloodlines but doesn't have alot of long hair. However, she has produced extreme kids such as Cedar Creek's Elvis and Cedar Creek's Lily. She has been invaluble to me for these two offsprings alone.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Tiffany - Tiffany is elegant like her mom, Emmeline. She is a beautiful blue and white. She loves posing for the camera!!!

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Cosmopolitan

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Cry Baby

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Betty - Betty is a lovely doe. She does not faint but is throwing offsprings that do.

Silky Doe - Cedar Creek's Crystal - Crystal is an elegant roan doe. She is very myotonic.

Silky Doe - Minnie