Cedar Creek Fainters, Miniature Silky Fainting Goats

Cedar Creek is located in West Tennessee just east of the city of Jackson and under 5 miles off of I-40. We are a small 33 acre farm where we have raised American Bulldogs since 1994 and just started with fainting goats and mini silkies in 2008. There has always been a few mixed breed goats hanging on the farm with the horses.

Late one night, surfing the internet, I came across miniature silky fainting goats. I was mesmerized and fell inlove instantly!!! I had to have some!! And there my addiction began...within a few weeks I had bought 11 miniature silky kids from 3 different breeders!

These were small beautiful goats with a much gentler nature than I had previously experienced with pygmies and brush goats. I also found the mini silky breeders I spoke with extremely down to earth and helpful, making the out of state purchases alot more comfortable. Over the next couple of years, I bought more silkies and registered fainting goats. As they produced kids, I had a hard time getting motivated to sell them. I wanted to see what each breeding could produce and loved watching the hair growth as the kids matured. I still don't like to sell but know that it is necessary if I am going to keep breeding my does.

Most of the goats here are double registered with MSFGA (Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association) and MGR (Myotonic Goat Registry). There is lots of information on these wonderful breeds if you'd like to learn more, please visit their websites.

Also if you'd like to see our American Bulldogs, please visit our other site www.americanbulldogs.net